LinkedIn is a goldmine — we all know it — yet, only a handful of people are leveraging its power to build businesses, gain visibility and position themselves.

Do you know why?

Because we think of LinkedIn like a social media platform. Whereas, in reality, it is alike-Google.


  • It personalises the feed (how Google personalises the search results) to show the most relevant posts;
  • Like Google, LinkedIn also ranks profiles in the search results based on certain parameters, one of which is placement of keywords.

“I know the vital importance of digital marketing in today’s business world,” a CA friend mentioned over a cup of coffee.

“Then why don’t you invest in digital marketing to acquire clients and expand your CA firm?” I was curious.

“Professional ethics restrict Chartered Accountants to do promotional activities and advertise their services,” he explained.

“Then, build a personal brand and create thought leadership around your domain,” I suggested.

“Personal branding? Thought leadership? Why, how, what, when?” he shot multiple questions at me.

As a CA, do you also have similar questions or doubts?

Well, hang in there with me…

Will you hire someone with great skills but zero positive attitude?

2 days ago, I posted a requirement for a graphic design intern on a leading internship platform.

Along with the preexisting questions, I mentioned an additional question:

“On a scale of 0–10, how will you rate my current Instagram posts?”

200 applicants applied.

The majority of them answered, “10 or 9”.

Only 10 applicants cared to write in detail:

  • Elements that they liked;
  • Areas of improvement/ things they would like to do differently.

I hadn’t asked for a reason or detailed explanation.

But they volunteered.

So I shortlisted them for…

LinkedIn is the pre-eminent business social media platform at present whether you want to use it for finding a new job, business opportunities, clients, freelancing gigs, or connecting with people across the globe.

Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

However, truth be spoken, LinkedIn may not be the go-to platform for EVERYONE.

If you don’t begin with the correct approach, things can become overwhelming pretty fast.


Everyone is a self-proclaimed “LinkedIn Guru”. Wherever you go, you’ll find tips from experts on HOW, WHY, WHEN to use LinkedIn.

There are umpteen courses, masterclasses, guides, and even blogs on how to use LinkedIn and create opportunities.


The numbers don’t lie — we’ve heard this umpteen times from our bosses, colleagues, friends, family members and mentors.

We believe in numbers blindly since they draw a ‘clear’ image. Or do they?

Photo from Pixabay

One of my clients saw a steep decline in the likes and comments on his LinkedIn posts while working with me.

He was a Chief Financial Officer, working with a reputed FMCG company based in San Francisco.

When he reached out to me, he was consistently getting 80–100 likes and 5–6 comments on his posts.

But after working with me for over a month, the engagement dropped…

“Here is an INR 50 complimentary voucher from my side. Please take care, sir.”

Yesterday, I was facing some technical issues with my mobile network because of which outgoing calls were getting dropped frequently. To get a probable solution, I dialled the customer care number.

Ever since the Government has enforced lockdown, I’ve adopted a simple habit. Whenever I dial or receive a call from a customer care executive, I ask them three questions before conveying my problem:

  • How are things in your area?
  • Is there anything I can help you with?

The next few days might very well decide the future of TikTok.

India has already banned it.

President Trump has declared that he will sign an executive order on Saturday to ban TikTok from the US.

However, in between, there’re speculations that Microsoft is interested in buying TikTok.

Although I don’t see TikTok being fit into Microsoft’s business at present, it could actually be a masterstroke.

As of now, Microsoft owns LinkedIn, the sole social media platform in its bouquet.

If Microsoft buys TikTok, it could do two things —

  • Since the…

“Can you please reduce the rent for the initial few months?”, Trupti was convincing the landlord.

Trupti had shifted to Jaipur 10 days ago, as after quitting her job, she was stepping into the world of entrepreneurship to guide and mentor MBAs.

“Sir, it will be great if you can please reduce the rent for 6 months till I don’t start earning significantly,” Trupti was pleading, “I can’t even claim House Rent Allowance now since I am not a salaried individual anymore. This rent will cost me an arm and a leg at present.”

“No, this rent won’t be as…

“Why should I invest in personal branding? It’s meant to grow business and get more customers or clients.”

Most people explain this rationale behind not investing their time and efforts in building a personal brand.

Traditionally, branding and marketing have been discussed in terms of businesses, products, and everything related to entrepreneurs and c-suite executives.

However, by doing so, we restrict the ambit of personal branding.

Personal branding is NOT limited to only c-suite executives, startup founders, or entrepreneurs.

Job-doers, students, professionals, senior faculties and teachers, coaches and mentors — technically anyone can build their personal brand. …

If you’ve jumped on this article, it means you want to file your income tax return quickly and hassle-free without getting into too many complications.

Freelancer working on her laptop

“Why are you tense, Simran?”

“Raj, I wanted to get a personal loan. But the bank asks me to submit the income tax return documents.”

“So? You must have filed it last year, didn’t you?”

“Oh come on. I would rather give up the thought of taking a personal loan. Income tax return filing is a tough nut to crack.”

“C’mon, nowadays, it has become more like a walk in the park. …

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